The heart of Borgo Mocale

A unique show, a look at the panorama that surrounds Borgo Mocale, for a visual immersion in the Tuscan hills. The Borgo was born as a medieval fortress, then becoming an enchanting agritourism for tourists who love tranquility and silence.

The panoramic veranda has an area covered by a canopy which leads to the swimming pool, which in the summer becomes the area for breakfast, reading and games, and a second access area to the bar, the wellness path and the toilet.

Thanks to the glass closure, the veranda space can also be used in the cold seasons, since the environment is completely heated with tiled wood-burning stoves.

The veranda is also the Borgo’s restaurant area, open exclusively for dinner on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and reserved for guests. The kitchen offers typical Tuscan flavors, with its own, local and seasonal products.

Borgo Wildlife

Naturally Mocale

Take part in the milking of our goats, visit our donkey Poldo and explore the Borgo Mocale farm in serenity together with Tosco, guardian of the flock, crossing our wood and our olive grove, leaving behind the deafening noises and the heavy city, rediscover the pleasure of rural life, where time is marked by the sun and the moon.

Tosco, our loving Abruzzese sheperd, together with Poldo the donkey and our goats have been part of our farming family since 2012,

year in which, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the purchase of the “Mocale” farm unit, we built a shelter for sheep and goats in the Biccheri Oliveta, recovering an ancient breeding activity originally carried out on the site, introducing about 120 between sheep and goats, currently reduced to 10 primiparous goats and 1 beak,

where it is possible to participate in the milking of the goats and in the agricultural life of the Borgo.

Music Room

Music and relaxation in the Borgo

Every year the music corner lights up: from June to September the cellar becomes open to the public thanks to our musical evenings.

In collaboration with the Accademia Musicale Valdarnese and other artists, Borgo Mocale offers its guests exciting concerts free of charge, with classical repertoire, jazz and sometimes opera performances.

Working on the dates of 2024 events!

The Museum

History and local traditions

We tell the story of Borgo Mocale through the typical objects of rural life: during the restoration of the structure we recovered a series of testimonies of the families who lived in the Borgo and we present them in the museum section located in the Veranda.

Each object hanging on the wall evokes images and sensations and we will be happy to provide information and reveal curiosities to guests interested in the centuries-old tradition of our house.

In addition, panels with historical photographs of the various places, created to keep their evolution in memory, are available in all the common areas of the Borgo.